Still Life

Ciaran Carson, Paperback


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In Still Life, Ciaran Carson guides us through centuries of art and around the Belfast Waterworks where he walks with his wife, Deirdre; into the chemo ward; into memory and the allusive quicksilver of his mind, always bidding us to look carefully at the details of a painter’s canvas, as well as the sunlight of day. This master translator chooses here to translate the painter’s brush with the poet’s pen, finding resemblances, echoes, and parallels. A thorn becomes the nib of a writer’s pencil and the pointed pipette of a chemo drip entering the poet’s vein. Yet, Deirdre stands as much in the center of these poems as do the paintings. At times, the two seem to escape into the paintings themselves: “Standing by the high farmstead in the upper left of the picture–there –in a patch of / sunlight. … They could be us, out for a walk.” Balancing the desire to escape into the stillness and permanence of art with the insistent yearning to be fully present in each moment, Carson reminds us–“Look … There “–that in the midst of illness, even in the face of death, there is, still, life.


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Binding Type: Paperback
Author: Ciaran Carson
Published: 02/01/2020
Publisher: Wake Forest University Press
ISBN: 9781930630918
Pages: 88
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