Our Goal

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Very few things are perfect.

And we don’t claim to be.

There can always be a cheaper price, faster shipping, or a wider selection – but at Euphrates, we’re picking you as our priority.

How do companies become bigger, cheaper, and faster?

Mostly, it’s through hard work and determination, but to our misfortune some companies abuse their power. They attempt to grow richer and stronger at the expense of a competitive market and your very privacy. Sometimes, they even lose sight of what made them grow in the first place.

Euphrates tries to offer you the widest selection, cheapest prices, and fastest shipping that we can. We’re not in it just for the money – we truly want to create a better way for people to shop online. We won’t view you as a set of data and shopping habits that we can monetize – instead, we’ll help you get what you’re looking for.

Let’s grow together, and let’s be greater than average.

A special thanks to Johan Aakerlund