Multi-Track Modular Teaching: An Advanced Teaching-Learning Method


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Book Description: Multi-Track Modular Teaching (MT2) is an advanced teaching method for enhanced teaching-learning in higher education institutes. Appreciated by Ministry of Human Resources Development, Government of India and developed at the Indian Institute of Space science and Technology (IIST), the MT2 method enables multi-modal teaching by organizing the topic under study in various parallel tracks that support the main lecture track. This book details the tracks, modularity, teaching philosophies, and other aspects of MT2 with real-world examples. Some of the questions pondered in this book are: What is MT2 method? What are tracks? What is modularity? What is the significance of tracks? How to create the tracks? How many tracks are useful? What factors are to be considered for determining the characteristics of the tracks? What are the factors to be considered for designing the modularity of the tracks? What are the types of modules? When to use and when not to use MT2 method? Author answers these questions from the decade-long experiments during the development of the MT2 method. Example topics for MT2 tracks for various areas of academic courses have been listed for the benefit of instructors in academics as well as industry.Answers to the questions relevant to Undergraduate research are provided. How to enhance Undergraduate research? How to use MT2 to streamline Undergraduate research? What level courses can effectively use MT2? This book is a value addition for not only young and emerging teachers and teaching assistants, but also for experienced professors and professional trainers. MT2 is a valuable approach for professional industrial training divisions in industry. Developed by a practicing professor, the MT2 method is classroom tested for close to a decade. From the Forewords: One important aspect about MT2 method is its suitability for enhancing UG research in universities. I am very confident that the readers of this book would greatly benefit in having a lucid understanding of the proposed MT2 method. I also recommend to teachers, and academic administrators to consider adopting the proposed teaching method which would vastly help to enhance the quality of teaching and also the culture of research.- Dr. B. N. Suresh, Chancellor, Indian Institute of Space science and Technology, Trivandrum, India. The MT2 method brings in benefits of laboratory as well as real-world learning in academic courses. MT2 offers a unique way of introducing experimental and other support components in a flexible and adaptive manner to complement the lectures in an academic course. I have high confidence that the readers will immensely benefit from this book.- Dr. V. K. Dadhwal, Director, Indian Institute of Space science and Technology, Trivandrum, India.


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