Eat Well for Less: Happy & Healthy: 80 Simple & Speedy Recipes from the Hit BBC Series


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There’s no place like home…or work? You probably don’t realise this, but every working day you replay and re-enact conflicts, dynamics and relationships from your past. Whether it’s confusing an authority figure with a parent; avoiding conflict because of past squabbles with siblings; or suffering from imposter syndrome because of the way your family responded to success, when it comes to work we are all trapped in our own upbringings and the patterns of behaviour we learned while growing up. Many of us spend eighteen formative years or more living with family and building our personality; but most of us also spend fifty years – or 90,000 hours – in the workplace. With the pull of the familial so strong, we unconsciously re-enact our personal past in our professional present – even when it holds us back. Through intimate stories, fascinating insights and provocative questions, business psychotherapist Naomi Shragai will transform how you think about yourself and your working life. Based on thirty years of expertise and practice, Shragaiwill show you that what is holding you back is within your gift to change – and the first step is to realise how you, like the rest of the people you work with, habitually confuse your professional present with your personal past.


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Binding Type: Paperback
Author: Jo Jones
Published: 09/01/2022
Publisher: BBC Books
ISBN: 9781785947841
Pages: 224
Weight: 1.55lbs

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Weight1.55 lbs