Brexit Without Borders. How will Brexit’s impact on immigration affect the economy?


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Research Paper (undergraduate) from the year 2017 in the subject Economics – International Economic Relations, grade: Distinction, language: English, abstract: Considered one of the deciding factors for Brexit, the subject of immigration has been in vogue in mainstream politics. Many claims regarding how immigrants are negative for the British economy are brought by politicians and the public alike. But are such ideas true? Additionally, how will Brexit affect the economic significance of immigrant workers after changes in legislation? Through an assessment of the current data available on the economic meaning of immigrants to the UK’s economy, and of the territory’s historical relations with immigration law and groups like the European Union (EU), alongside the consideration of the purposes of Brexit regarding migration policies, this study came to relevant conclusions. The overall beneficial consequence of the current level of immigrant workers was found to be adamant, reflecting the resolutions drawn by previous studies and reports – although, interestingly, not by so many political speeches and manifestos. Consequently, the prospects of the expected impact of Brexit on immigration – that is, lowering the yearly inflow of migrants – are negative, and could possibly damage various industry sectors and areas of the economy.


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