Safe Shipping Commitment

Saving Energy Through Packaging

Have you ever received a box that was simply way too large for the item inside? Or, a fragile item thrown haphazardly into a bubble envelope? At Euphrates, we strive to optimize our packaging so that it’s more efficient for you and for us.

In a world of standardization, we still try to add a custom touch to your packaging with unique box sizes and playful tape designs. We measure each item on our site to determine what size box should be used so that there is enough room for padding, but not so much to make the box obtrusively large. This saves you frustration opening up your item, saves us money in packaging costs, and most importantly saves energy in transportation costs.

If your item has the potential to get damaged, it will be protected with our packaging. We never throw fragile objects in envelopes, and protect most items with recyclable padding. This helps save energy for you and for us by minimizing product damage and the possibility of a return due to damage during shipment. We will never over-stuff a shipping envelope, and will protect your item from damage when it is sent in a box.

For more on how we’re committed to saving energy and protecting the environment, read about our Eco-Friendly Packaging.