Wicca moon magic: Practical book for beginners to learn spells and rituals. The guide to start studying Witchcraft and interpreting moon


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Do you want to learn and practice spells and rituals efficiently?Would you like to interpret the Moon phases?Are you willing to study Witchcraft?

Achieving a deep comprehension of Wicca spells and rituals can be tricky due to rumors and stories ongoing around the Wicca religion. Furthermore, the importance that plays the Moon and its phases are often neglected. The Wiccan beginner can feel overwhelmed by a lot of information losing, in this way, the fundamentals about the practice of spells and rituals. These feelings can induce negative energies in yourself. We are all made and affected by energies, for this reason, we are naturally connected at Moon and as well on Sun. It’s important to study and learn Moon phases and the related spells and rituals to do the next step in your personal journey.

The Moon is the ultimate symbol of the Goddess, the all-encompassing divine feminine in the Wiccan cosmology. The Goddess and the Moon are strongly connected, and Moon magic surrounds and controls many aspects of the world.

Practicing spells and rituals thanks to Moon phases it’s very effective and at the same time difficult process that you will encounter in your Wiccan journey.

In this book you will find:

  • Which spells and rituals you should practice to get started in Wicca
  • Why you should benefit from the role of the Moon in your spells and rituals
  • The true meaning of Moon phases and related energies
  • An overview of other kinds of Wicca magic that you will need.

Wicca moon magic it’s not easy to understand and perform but it’s not so difficult if you start your studies with the right guide.

Even if you don’t know the meaning of spells and rituals you can become an expert in Witchcraft quickly and without mistakes.

Starting from the basic principles of Wicca, this book will lead the beginner through the art of studying and performing spells and rituals in connection with the Moon.

It’s never too late to start your personal journey to understand yourself, gain mastery over your emotions and thoughts, and heal yourself. Wicca is not just about casting spells and getting the desired result. It is a process that, at numerous times, asks you to look into yourself. It makes you face the person you are now and helps you to focus on the person you want to be. It makes you look at the life you are leading now and challenges you look ahead and visualize the life that you would like to lead.

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Published: 03/14/2020
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