Why Life Events Are Predestined and How Our Universe Originated

Pia Pikwah Fields, Paperback


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In this book author Pia Fields tells you how a Chinese astronomer Shao Kang Jie predicts one’s life including the birth years of the person’s direct family members, his personality, careers as well as his parents’ through one’s birth time. Everything was printed in the book Shao wrote one thousand years ago. Shao obviously finished what Newton could not do.
Base on the Ying, Yang five element theory Pia explained the predestined of life and the origination of our universe. That theory can explain any phenomena in any scales and is the ultimate law that our physicists are looking for. Yang covers the physic world and Ying covers the subatomic world. The switching between them explains the origination of our universe, psychic’s healing and predictions, near die experience, the predestination of life and the existence of ET and God.


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Binding Type: Paperback
Author: Pia Pikwah Fields
Published: 04/15/2020
Publisher: Go to Publish
ISBN: 9781647490737
Pages: 208
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Weight0.69 lbs
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