The Exceptional Woman: Expatiation of Proverbs 31 Woman


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A successful woman originated from a seminar I went for. This seminar entailed other things. But the most important thing part of the seminar was the exposition on how to be an exceptional woman. A lot was said. It takes a lot to be a woman. What does it mean to be an exceptional woman? Personally I couldn’t grasp the essence? This is a woman who knows her worth, a woman who knows what it takes to be a woman, a woman who is bold, confident, courageous but at the same time kind enough to look at errors ways and correct an error. A woman who looks and says this is not right and I am going to try and correct it. This is a woman who looks for the good in others and not the bad. This is a woman who likes to help others.This seminar was an eye opener for me cause a lot of things were discussed. The instructor dealt with a lot of things like extramarital affairs, dealing with entrepreneurship, dealing with how not to be passive but proactive in life i.e. in your relationships, in your business, in your working place etc. Because these are the qualities that will help you when life throws its curveball at you. Personally at the time she was speaking I couldn’t seem to grasp the essence of what she was saying, they seemed like Greek to me. But fast forward a year later most of the things she was saying started to replay in my mind and I was forced to reminisce and acknowledge what she was saying.Personally, I strive to be that successful woman because being married for a year now I can see the puzzles being put together. The expatiation of the successful woman will be culled from Proverbs 31.


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Binding Type: Paperback
Author: Isabel Jeffrey
Published: 02/17/2020
Publisher: Independently Published
ISBN: 9798614798055
Pages: 46
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