The Adult Attachment Workbook: Powerful Strategies to Promote Understanding, Increase Security, and Build Long-Lasting Relationships

Kate Homily, Paperback


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Stop Being Needy, Jealous, and Clingy by Understanding Just One Simple Thing About Your Brain

Your last boyfriend told you that you were too intense and that he needed space. How familiar does that scenario sound, and how many times has it happened to you?

Do your relationships break down out of the blue, leaving you clueless about what just happened?

Psychology may have the answer for you.

The secret behind your relationship failures could be hiding much closer than where you anticipate it to be…

In your own head!

Insecure love is the result of things that happened to you in the past, things that could have hurt you without you even realizing what went on.

If only there were some techniques to overcome insecure attachment, build your confidence, and find your happily ever after

Such techniques do exist, and you don’t have to spend half your lifetime in therapy to discover a stronger and happier you.

Focusing on just a few psychological tricks and self-awareness exercises can help you overcome your insecurities, your neediness, or your inability to form deep, meaningful connections.

In The Adult Attachment Workbook, you will discover:

  • Red flags and the top signs that insecure attachment is ruining your life
  • The link between your childhood and your current inability to find lasting love
  • The one exercise psychologists recommend for moving from anxious to secure and fulfilling attachment
  • Expert cognitive behavioral therapy exercises you can do in the comfort of your own home
  • 5 profound ways to discover happiness in your single life before you can come across the love you’ve always dreamt of
  • Techniques to strengthen the bond with your partner
  • Worksheets, exercises, and quizzes you can use to get to know yourself better and kill insecurities
  • A simple, yet powerful way to activate positive thoughts about your partner and help your love grow
  • Your happily ever after: how to find it and how to keep it

And much more!

You need to understand one crucial thing – you’re not broken and you’re not damaged beyond repair.

The fact that you’ve been hurt in the past should not keep you from falling in love again.

Anyone can move from needy, jealous, and troubled attachment to confident, calm, and peaceful love. The trick is to take a look inside, understand what has hurt you in the past, and have the courage to tackle that issue.

When you’re equipped with the right mind tools and personal improvement exercises, such growth will be easy to accomplish.

And when you make that mental switch, nothing will be capable of holding you back from enjoying meaningful interactions with others, whether in a platonic or a romantic way.

As cliché as it may sound, happiness is in your own hands… or rather – in your own brain.

Don’t let life pass you by without experiencing deep, intense, and meaningful interactions with others. Scroll up and click the “Add to Cart” button now to break free from insecurities and rediscover your immense capability to love and be loved.


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Published: 07/29/2020
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