Sweet and Savoury Tarts Ultimate Cookbook


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What is a Tart?

In general, tarts are baked goods that consist of a pastry base and are filled with something sweet or savory.

Most tarts these days are on the sweet side, such as lemon meringue tarts and Portuguese egg tarts. However, some types of savory tarts like the quiche are also commonly found in bakeries and cafes.

A tart is generally made by making each component separately and then assembled after. The first step is usually to create the crust. This crust is then filled with your choice of filling, with some fillings being baked together with the crust or simply left to chill.

Types of tarts

Hundreds of tart varieties exist around the world. They can be sweet or savory, and they also vary in size and filling. Here are some of the most common types of tarts, classified based on their fillings.

A. Custard Tarts:

Custard tarts are the type of tarts baked together with an uncooked or partially cooked custard mixture.

B. Fruit Tarts:

fruit tart fruit tarts are filled with either fresh or preserved fruits.

C. Savory Tarts:

Sweet tarts are considered desserts, but we typically enjoy savory tarts for brunch or whenever we want something light for a meal.


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