Secrets at the Chocolate Mansion

Leslie Margolis, Paperback


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Don’t miss the third book in the Maggie Brooklyn Mystery series, which Discovery Girls calls, A barking good mystery.

Take your cookies elsewhere. That’s what the note said in neat, block-like print, attached to a box of Girl Scout Cookies. Someone is out to sabotage the new sweet shop in the neighborhood, and Maggie Brooklyn is on the case. If only she weren’t so freaked out herself lately. Maggie’s new babysitting gig has her and her twin brother Finn hanging out in what they fear may be a real haunted mansion. And it’s hard to solve real life mysteries when you think you’re seeing ghosts

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Binding Type: Paperback
Author: Leslie Margolis
Published: 09/23/2014
Publisher: Bloomsbury U.S.A. Children’s Books
ISBN: 9781619634930
Pages: 245
Weight: 0.54lbs
Size: 7.75h x 5.11w x 0.76d

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Weight0.54 lbs
Dimensions7.75 × 5.11 × 0.76 in