Q & A: Questions and Answers on the Nature and Existence of God

Nicholas Puleo, Paperback


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This is a true story. It is the report of a spiritual experience the author had while studying, learning and asking questions about faith and religion. It is literally the result of a mentor’s instructions to say a prayer to “have the truth revealed”. This is the answer the author received. It was written in one take with no rewrites, edits or changes as the direct quote of a conversation in a Q&A format. The questions range from common inquiries many people have regarding our creation and the purpose of our lives and much more including not just the existence of but even the origin of God himself. It discusses the nature of God, the extent of his creations, how he was able to accomplish it all and what it means for us in this life and beyond.


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Binding Type: Paperback
Author: Nicholas Puleo
Published: 10/02/2019
Publisher: Nicholas Puleo
ISBN: 9780578561806
Pages: 46
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