Python Programming: The Advanced Guide to Learn Python Step by Step. A Faster way to Learn Python Language.


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Do you want to Achieve Great Results with the programming language?
After reading this book you will know exactly what to do in order to improve your programming language.

Python Programming seeks to advance the knowledge of programmers of these tools and functions with the view of elevating their skill levels, Improving their coding success and setting them on a part to professional growth and development.

Throughout the book, the author gives practical examples of how to use these functions and tools with the view of improving success rate of programming skills acquisition and knowledge retention.

The Python programming tricks highlighted in the various examples ensure that learners can grasp these concepts independently.

The book is organized in twelve different chapters that tackle distinct yet related topics. The overlapping of information between proceeding chapters ensures that the reader follows the train of ideas and knowledge without getting lost in the maze of jargons that is commonly associated with programming. From inheritance covered in chapter to memoization in chapter 12, the reader is guide through various concepts and given a thread that connects all the chapters.

These tools and functions include:

– itertools

– memoization

– Django

– inheritance

– closures

– iterators

– generators

– exceptions and assert handling among others.

This book also seeks to highlight the interconnectivity between these various tools, functions and modules in Python. In his characteristic methodic approach to writing, Jason Crash engages the readers through paying attention to detail and use of simple examples to illustrate points and concepts.

If you don’t know the programming, if you don’t want to waste time and you want methods that guarantee Results Immediately, then this is the Perfect Book for you

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Author: Jason Crash
Published: 02/10/2020
Publisher: Independently Published
ISBN: 9798612181903
Pages: 178
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