Print Handwriting Workbook for Teens: Practice Workbook with Fun Science Facts that Build Knowledge in a Young Teenager

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Print Handwriting Practice for Teens with Fun and Intriguing Science Facts – (Updated and Edited)
Learning print handwriting can be extremely beneficial for a young teenager. It can easily lead to a more structured and more legible handwriting style. This can be especially useful for taking notes at school or for writing something intended for multiple people. However, the practice can sometimes be dull and tiring. This book manages to turn such a handwriting practice into a fun and meaningful one.

Each exercise revolves around intriguing science facts from various fields like zoology, paleontology, geography, astrology, biology, and many more.

Each exercise was specially designed for an ambitious young teenager.

  • Each exercise contains facts which are extremely fun to learn and still relevant in the modern world.
  • You can quickly improve your knowledge about the world that surrounds us in a fun and enjoyable way.
  • The exercises contain a large and easy to read font size.
  • Each exercise begins with specific words extracted from the initial sentence and written with a traceable print font.
  • Each exercise also contains a worksheet designed for the full sentence to be rewritten in its entirety.

The science facts inside this book can improve your knowledge about the world and can lead to meaningful discussions with friends and family. All that while also improving your handwriting skills. Regardless of age, this book has value for everybody.

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Published: 06/25/2019
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