My Grandma’s Health Secrets Revealed: 221 Home Remedies

Ekaterina Romadinova, Paperback


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The new Natasha Lukin’s book “My Grandma’s HEALTH SECRETS revealed” is a self-help collection of “Health Secrets”, comprising of 221 home remedies’ advice and recommendations. The book is offering simple and easily affordable natural solutions that are readily available for treating many common ailments without leaving your kitchen, your garden or vegetable patch and without leaving a hole in your pocket.The book is divided into 12 large chapters. First, you can learn about common substances such as salt, soda, vodka, pepper or vinegar that have a long history of their healing benefits known across the continents and centuries.Then comes a part about garlic and onion and especially little known amazing benefits of using their husks as medicine. Plus a presentation of the kitchen herbs that heal.Next chapter “Healing hand for common conditions” dedicated to home remedies what could be used – as an example, for treating high blood pressure, Arthritis, colds and cough or for brain vessel cleansing.The whole book is embellished with authentic advice from the author’s grandma preserving her natural way of expressing her thoughts in her colourful language.In “11 cucumber stories” and “17 cabbage stories” many other helpful and often unexpected advice could be found that are quite amusing.The book is concluded with Bonus stories that are related to health and healing, one way or another.Based on the author’s scientific background, Lukin emphasises that natural remedies consist of active substances that are physiologically relevant to human body and not contradictory versus how it is often the case with artificially created chemicals.


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Binding Type: Paperback
Contributors: Ekaterina Romadinova, Natasha Lukin (Author)
Published: 09/30/2019
Publisher: Natasha Lukin
ISBN: 9780648386582
Pages: 164
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