Mouthwatering Argentinian Recipes: An Illustrated Cookbook of South American Dish Ideas!


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What is Argentinian cuisine noted for?

Are there plenty of recipes in the country that will interest and entice you?

What type of dish is Argentina most famous for?

Argentinian cuisine is especially famous for barbecued meats and enormous steaks. Meats are highlighted in many Argentine dishes, and the overall tastes come from the immigrants the world over, as well as some native recipes.

Argentinians grow as many vegetables as most other countries with similar climates, but they don’t have as many vegetarian dishes. It can be easily solved by including other tastes instead of meats in their popular recipes. Their pasta and pizza dishes are among the naturally vegetarian meals they have to offer.

Why does Argentine cuisine focus so much on meat?

Feral cattle have long grazed on the pampas grass of Argentina, and meat was thus one of the least expensive sources of food for many years. They had little organized, large-scale agriculture till the 19th century.

There are many other flavors I’ll cover in this extensive cookbook. Read on, and learn more about how Argentine cuisine can make your dinners more interesting and delicious


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