Look Up: Know Our Universe in 60 minutes with 50 Look Up Questions and 30 Cosmic Connections


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Following three profound questions motivated me to write my accumulated wisdom out here in my first book “Look Up”: – Who are we? – What is the Universe? – How are we connected to the Universe? Who are we?Have you ever asked this question to yourself? How life started in the beginning with single cellular microbes and evolved to complex creature like us with consciousness and a brain? We are hunter, wandering species and have genes to explore. Since long we are asking questions like-why sky is blue and grass is green and exploring them logically to draw scientific answers. Step-bystep with genes of exploration we have evolved as an intelligent species on the Earth. What is the Universe?When we look up, we see vast horizon around us It’s the same Universe which has always proved our imaginations wrong Looking up has always thrown many questions. How Universe started? What is space? What is time? What are stars and galaxies? Why Sun rises and sets? How Universe will end? Human kind has built technology which has answered many of these with the language of science. Many more of them are still not answered yet. Answers come and bring with them more questions and the exploration goes on How are we connected to Cosmos?: All life on Earth is connected to the Cosmos we live in. Are there any examples? Did you ever think from where Iron (heavy element) came in our blood stream? Why do we find symmetry everywhere in the Universe? Are we made of star dust? Answers to these questions will make you think how we all are engineered in the same factory of the Universe that is driven by laws of nature I strongly believe that anyone from any age group can read it. Purpose is to promote basic understanding of Cosmos to everyone. Kids will like creative part of the Universe-like the stars, galaxies, Moon, Sun, colours and light. Youth will love science behind the Universe-the symmetry, cycles, mathematical design, and the equations. Adults will love the cosmic connections and new dimensions of space explorations-like the atomic, biological and chemical connections, quantum life, and life beyond our Earth. Elderly people will love theories that explain the reality and what is still not yet explained-like space-time, strings everywhere, what is life? What is consciousness? First 60 pages of the book outline the story which I want to narrate. It will not take more than 60 minutes for an average reader to grasp the essence. Rest of the book is for those who find it interesting after an hour, and need more kilobytes of information to explore further


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Binding Type: Paperback
Author: Kamal Deep Dham
Published: 03/16/2019
Publisher: Kamal Deep Dham
ISBN: 9789353512880
Pages: 238
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