Indian Origin of Greece and Ancient World: E. Pococke’ Thesis ‘Indian in Greece Revised and Re-edited


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In the present thesis Pococke has reached startling conclusions that history of Greece and ancient world is the history of Indian past. He titled his thesis ‘India in Greece’ which was published first time in 1851. India in Greece, though it seems to deal with the Indian Origin of Greece, in fact, deal with hard evidences the Indian Origin of Greece in particular and Indian Origin of the rest of the World in general. This thesis tells in explicit and implicit terms that various regions, cultures, mythologies and religions of the world speak of their roots in India. This great work, as a matter of fact, has no parallels in history of humankind. Most of the scholars who have favoured Indo-centric world view of writing history have been guided by the light house erected by E. Pococke. This great work was laying burried under the corpse of worthless reading material on history of the world, so it was thought that this work should be re-edited in an updated and revised form. The names of Indian heroes and regions spelled by Pococke in 1851, have been presented in this new edition with uptodate spellings along with their 150 year old versions. Let us hope that with the republication of this type of books, the curtain from of world history will be raised and true picture will be revealed to the gaze of all.


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Contributors: Ravi Prakash Arya, E. Pococke (Author)
Published: 11/01/2014
Publisher: Indian Foundation for Vedic Science
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