iDevelop: How to take charge of your professional development by becoming a conscious learner


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With rapid change now a fact of life, becoming a conscious learner is the most successful way to survive and thrive in the workplace – and beyond.

Gayle Smerdon PhD has spent a lifetime focused on learning. She believes we are each responsible for our own development, and that learning is a team game – we learn best when we engage with others.

In iDEVELOP, Gayle shows how to use our natural curiosity – by understanding how we learn, finding the right support and information, and discovering how to maintain focus and motivation.

Maybe you are:

  • keen to move up in your career or gain more from your current role
  • looking for ways to learn effectively and make what you learn stick
  • rabidly curious and want to develop your skills as a conscious learner

Find yourself in:

  • an organisation where there isn’t great access to development
  • an area where access to traditional programs is limited, such as rural towns
  • a workplace that has good options, but not quite what you need.

Don’t wait for your professional development to come to you. Through iDEVELOP you will learn how to learn – in a way that works for you; overcome the beliefs and habits that stand in the way of effective learning; and be ready to take hold of your future.


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Binding Type: Paperback
Author: Gayle Smerdon
Published: 10/25/2019
Publisher: Gayle Smerdon
ISBN: 9780648007869
Pages: 172
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