I Dare Ya! Secrets to Successfully Attracting and Retaining Jewish Audiences

Pamela Richards Saeks, Paperback


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A wake-up call for anyone who has a stake in the success of a Jewish congregation or organization…… Because now more than ever, there’s a lot riding on getting it right – namely, the future of the Jewish people That’s why this book is different from all other books of its kind.” It addresses the problems most Jewish organizations are facing in declining membership, participation and relevancy and holds up a mirror for readers to look into… if they dare Are you up for the challenge? Because hope is not a strategy and the same old, same old just doesn’t cut it anymore. So, if your programs aren’t as popular as they once were, your marketing isn’t making an impact, your current offerings are falling flat and an old school approach is preventing you from attracting new blood, you’ve got work to do…… Luckily, Jewish engagement expert Pamela Richards Saeks breaks it down in a refreshingly straightforward, yet entertaining way. She developed a simple, foolproof formula over two decades as the Director of Jewish Innovation and Engagement for a major family foundation. Her method is easy to implement and has proven itself to be the perfect prescription for successfully engaging, or reengaging, Jewish people who feel disaffected, estranged or just downright disinterested.I DARE YA is packed with smart, clear-cut advice sure to lead to transformative change as it challenges stakeholders to break the vicious cycle that’s precluding their organizations from reaching their highest potential. And while the book employs a clever combination of wit and humor to convey its message, it never sugarcoats the truth, and doesn’t just tell readers what they want to hear… “If that’s what you’re after, head to the nearest Jewish mother where you’re sure to get all the unconditional love and approval you need,” as is stated in the WARNING at the beginning of the book.By the end readers will have the tools they need to build meaningful relationships with their target audiences and gain a new understanding of how critical it is for their organization to break out of its bubble and meet people on their own turf–and on their own terms to achieve dramatic and lasting increases in Jewish engagement.


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Binding Type: Paperback
Author: Pamela Richards Saeks
Published: 09/29/2019
Publisher: Ellipsis Publishing
ISBN: 9780578582177
Pages: 152
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