I answer 1,500 questions about Hormones, Metabolism and Nutrition


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Nutrition, obesity, diabetes, osteoporosis, short stature in children, early sexual development, menstruation disorders, infertility, erectile dysfunction, abnormal cholesterol and triglyceride levels, hypothyroidism, high blood pressure, glandular tumors, special diets … and much more In “I answer 1,500 questions about Hormones, Metabolism and Nutrition”, Dr. Mario Vega Carb explains, in a simple and simple language, for all audiences, the causes of the main endocrine diseases, their most common symptoms, their risks and the options of treatment.In addition, the book has special sections on the most significant hormonal disorders in children, pregnant women and the elderly, and a special chapter on diets and feeding advice to prevent and control different conditions.We invite you to read these pages and enter the world of the endocrine system and its glands, responsible for the natural production of hormones that regulate our body.


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Binding Type: Paperback
Author: Mario Vega Carbó
Published: 12/04/2019
Publisher: Independently Published
ISBN: 9781671626560
Pages: 560
Weight: 1.79lbs
Size: 9.00h x 6.00w x 1.25d

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Weight1.79 lbs
Dimensions9 × 6 × 1.25 in