How Your Muscles Work: Analitical notes om muscular sustem


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The following categories of people will love this book: -Those who are just starting training and needmastering the basics. Everyone knows what push-ups and squats are, but not everyone knows such exercises as a bridge with a high support for the shoulders, isometric muscle tension in the support lying on the forearms or pull-ups in a horizontal position, which are basic for the development of strength …-Those who want to be in good physical shape, but do not likevisit the gym. If this description applies to you, then you can be sure that you can carry out a complete workout, wherever you are.- Those who spend a lot of time traveling. Even if you spentseveral hundred or thousands of dollars for sports equipment, but having to leave the house often, it will not do you much good.-All strength training enthusiasts. Training methods, which use their own weight as weights, should be mastered by everyone: fans of a healthy lifestyle, athletes, bodybuilders, coaches, massage therapists, and representatives of other professions that require a certain level of physical training. Strength training using this technique will help you build muscle, develop strength, lose weight, and improve posture.


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Binding Type: Paperback
Author: Vas Relax
Published: 02/03/2021
Publisher: Independently Published
ISBN: 9798704273561
Pages: 256
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