How to Play Chess for Beginners: A Complete Guide to Learn and Master Chess


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Chess is a very popular two-player strategy game thought to have originated in India many centuries ago. To win the game, you must “checkmate” your opponent by moving your pieces such that the opponent’s king faces a threat of capture that can’t be eliminated. Although it has a set of easily comprehended rules, it takes strategy in order to defeat a skilled opponent. After learning the basic rules and playing practice games, you’ll be able to challenge other players and win This book will help you: Easily memorize all the pieces and their movement options in less than 2 hoursDevelop your chess skills fast with tried-and-tested practice strategiesOvercome your initial shyness and join an offline or online chess club that’s perfect for your skill levelI hope this workbook helps you a lot to get what you want and reach your goals


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Binding Type: Paperback
Author: Alaazhar Alferjani
Published: 03/02/2021
Publisher: Independently Published
ISBN: 9798715788214
Pages: 68
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