Heroine, First Female Elite Special Forces Uk: Sis, Sas & Sbs Special Ops.1970-1979 & Ira Peace Pact


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G.RAF’S AIR CHIEF MARSHAL writes of this book by Alison James as M. still serving ‘We in British army reveal records of special operations 1970 – 1979 to show what was done in passions of war and peace in Ireland, USSR, America, Africa and globally!Yep. Please bear nobly the truths you learn and enjoy knowing those who made noble efforts to overcome differences, especially after ex-IRA bombs reflecting anger at lack of support, particularly by selfserving politicians, following our reconciliatory Peace Pact 1976 made by 001 schoolgirl Alison Sarah Cross-Rudkin aka Sammie selected for SAS/SBS/SIS commando combat ops and only successful infiltrator of IRA’s War Council, they say of her, our Stakeknife, gifted peacemaker. ‘She is 001 BRILLIANTLY, a lone female amongst us wolves with all other women claimants in civil service clothing administrating only’ C. notes of these Dames, as she is awarded 35 MCs (11 distinguished now), ex-SBS himself, Younger. She’s Liverpool’s dancing-queen we hear, now our hippie General across the board of her Regiments.’Signed Sir Michael Wigston, W. really, vetting her my ‘Sammie-Whammie’ since I was a boy in the 1970s where my diary records: ‘See her GO! Emancipation of women writ largest, though she’s a prettier one than Miss World! Watch her, Dad, she’s a rookie hippie!’

PS ‘Strong and beautiful, she’s first female Royal Marine, they say! And Paras. Reg. too, they add, not forgetting first in Fusiliers, SAS & SBS!SIS in both SF units, of course, use yer nouses! She is sentenced to die in America and Russia too, poor Hunny Bunny, will she escape censure for her big risk life the Press choose to ignore? Prime Minister Boris Johnson urges you to read knowing she is his heroine forever and a day for freedom to be ours!’ ‘Keir Starmer loves her, ‘ Sir Keir adds, shirtily, ‘our ‘Veronica Price’ what a girlie Sammie is!’Signed for his PM and Leader of Opposition, Cabinet Secretary Lord Sedwill, S.


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Binding Type: Hardcover
Author: Alison Sarah James MC
Published: 05/13/2020
Publisher: Authorhouse UK
ISBN: 9781728352756
Pages: 342
Weight: 1.48lbs
Size: 9.00h x 6.00w x 0.88d

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Weight1.48 lbs
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