Foyez Ullah: Dhaka’s Tropical Expressive Architecture


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Dhaka is a city rich with history, borne of eclecticism, and her tremendous growth post-independence has been extraordinary, both culturally and architecturally. From the early Mughal architecture to the Indo-Saracenic style of the colonial era, to the sheets of steel and glass that characterize a modern metropolis, there’s an aesthetic battle for the city’s very soul being waged. Foyez Ullah has played an active role in this conversation for nearly three decades, weaving a tapestry of work within Dhaka’s realm that declutters her chaotic whims and sets revealing insight into contextspecific architectural response. Through a series of his architectural benchmarks, as well as texts from the architectural critics Vladimir Belogolovsky and Byron Hawes, this volume posits a framework for responsive and contextual architecture for Dhaka in the 21st century.


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Binding Type: Hardcover
Contributors: Shamsul Wares, Vladimir Belogolovsky (Introduction by), Byron Hawes (Text by (Art/Photo Books))
Published: 09/01/2021
Publisher: Oscar Riera Ojeda Publishers
ISBN: 9781946226327
Pages: 496