Egyptian Tortoise: The Complete Guide On Everything You Need To Know About Egyptian Tortoise

Morgan C. Grace, Paperback


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Egyptian tortoises are desert animals that survive in extreme environments through a combination of physical and behavioral adaptation. With their small size they can quickly adjust their blood heat and avoid overheating. As sand about their pale color equivalent color, they allow heat to be reflected while also blending into the landscape to avoid predictions. They are active during the day, but prefer to forage when they are cool and relaxed during the heat. This indicates that they are the most active browsing for food in the morning and evening. When resting, it takes refuge under a bush or in rat crows.All animals need water to survive. Desert animals can more or less survive on water but they still need to catch someone. Egyptian tortoises do not have surface water where they live; they get water by sucking moisture from desert plants. They are doing this by wrapping a beak around the stem of a plant like a jaw. They retain the maximum amount of water by dissolving concentrated acids as waste instead of thinner urine.


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