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The Competency Mapping and Assessment Manual is a detailed illustration and user guide for HR and L&D Professionals. As Competencies are the foundation for talent management processes like performance management, compensation, development, assessment, selection and others. The identification and measurement of competencies will help them to address the current and Future capabilities of an organization, and monitor its human capital readiness index (HCRI). By the end of the program you will “LEARN HOW TO MAP AND ASSESS COMPETENCIES TO MEET THE TALENT MANAGEMENT CHALLENGES OF YOUR ORGANIZATION”.KEY TAKE AWAY–Create awareness for the Participants on one of the most progressive and powerful Talent Management Tools used today.-Develop the required skills that the Participants would require to design and implement Competency Framework and Mapping exercises independently.-Help the Participants to streamline the Recruitment & Selection, Performance Management, Learning & Development and Career & Succession Planning functions of their Organization.-Identify the current and required Competency Levels of the Employees for their Jobs, do the gap analysis and work on their Developmental Plans in a structured manner.-Help the Participants learn what an Assessment Center is and how to design a successful Assessment Center independently on their own.-Use Assessment Centers as an effective decision support system (DSS) for Recruitment & Selection, Performance Management, Learning & Development and Career & Succession Planning processes in their own Organization.-Help to create an objective and integrated system for implementing and tracking Employee Performance, Employee Promotion, Employee Development and Employee Reward systems.-Use Assessment Centers to design an effective feedback system for Employees to identify and develop their critical areas of Competencies required for performing on their Job.THIS BOOK IS RECOMMENDED as a must for all those people who have a direct or indirect role to play, and are in a position to influence and take decisions in the areas of Recruitment & Selection, Performance Management, Learning & Development and Career & Succession Planning in organizations etc. CONTENT AND COVERAGECHAPTER 1: COMPETENCY MAPPING-What is a Competency -Competency Iceberg Model -Classification of Competencies -Measurement of Competency -Performance Aspects of Competencies -Preparation of a Competency Dictionary -Competence Management as a HR Tool -The PCMS ModelCHAPTER 2 COMPETENCY FRAMEWORK-What is a Competency Framework -Types of Competency Framework-Uses of Competency Framework -Developing a Competency Map-Steps in Competency Mapping -Measurement of Competency Gaps-Using BARS for Competency Maps -Uses of Competency MappingCHAPTER 3 ASSESSMENT CENTERS-What are Assessment Centers -The History of Assessment Centers-Basic Rules in an Assessment Center -Types of Techniques Used in Assessment Centers-Designing of an Assessment Center -Assessment Metrics and Evaluation Formats-The Use of Assessment Centers -Difference between Assessment and Development CentersCHAPTER 4 EXERCISES AND FEEDBACK-Overview of Exercises -Functional Simulation Exercises-Behavioral Identification Exercises -Interview Types in Assessment Centers-Tests Used in Assessment Centers -The Role of an Assessor-Skills Required by an Assessor -Giving Feedback to CandidatesMeritt has already trained more than 1,000 HR, Line and Business Professionals from over 300 Organizations from India and Middle East Countries.Meritt delivers these comprehensive Training Programs through its dedicated Training and Capability Development division, called “MERITT LEARNING CENTER”. For details contact -Meritt Learning Center9810557518; 7428466822;


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