Clairvoyance: The Unmatched Guide to Learn How to Activate Your Extrasensory Perception – Extended Edition

Marius K. Green, Paperback


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Ever Wanted To Be A Clairvoyant? Here’s A Step-By-Step Guide To Discovering And Developing Your Hidden Potential

What if you could see the past and the future?

What if you could ask spirits to guide you through a difficult situation?

What if you could read people’s thoughts and sense their energies?

Well, if you’re already interested in these topics, you’ve got the gift of clairvoyance even if you’re not fully aware of it yet. And your subconsciousness is telling you that it’s time to unwrap this gift – otherwise, you wouldn’t be searching for this book right now.

Many gifted clairvoyants never get to develop their special abilities. Whenever they see visions, have prophetic dreams, or experience contact with spirits, they dismiss these events as “coincidences” and “pseudoscience” and live their whole lives without even tapping into their true potential.

Don’t be like these people.

You’ve been given unique powers, so learn how to use them and enjoy them.

Just take your first step right now and get this book.

This book will help you:

  • Make wise decisions by learning to trust your intuition
  • Become fully aware of your psychic gifts and acknowledge them
  • Fine-tune your senses and read people’s thoughts by scanning their energies
  • Become immune to lies and manipulation by seeing people’s true intentions
  • Activate your etheric and astral vision to see the true nature of things
  • See objects and people in faraway places
  • Make sense of spontaneous visions and dreams
  • Experience scenes from the past and understand their meaning
  • Take a sneak peek into the near and distant future
  • Establish contact with the world of spirits and ask them for guidance
  • And much more

This book is aimed at beginners like you – people who sense the power within them but are not sure how to use it. Simply follow the step-by-step techniques and your extrasensory abilities will grow in a matter of weeks

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Binding Type: Paperback
Author: Marius K. Green
Published: 06/12/2020
Publisher: Independently Published
ISBN: 9798651406012
Pages: 162
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