Basic Instinct: Erotic Paranormal Contact: : The Old Hag and the Mysterious World of Sleep Paralysis


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Basic Instinct: Erotic Paranormal Contact, the Old Hag and the Mysterious World of Sleep Paralysis by G. Michael VaseyBest-selling paranormal and occult author, G. Michael Vasey investigates accounts of sex with ghosts and the related old hag experience using horrifying real encounter stories, personal experiences, and historical accounts. His conclusions will scare the living daylights out of you Sleep paralysis is the scientific explanation for these ‘hallucinations’ that occur on awakening when the mind is awake but the body still asleep. Yet, too many encounters with these erotic night terrors leave marks, are observed by others, or the experiencer themselves – even when wide awake. Are these entities night watchers waiting for their opportunity to gain energy from your fear or from your sexual energy?Among the topics covered are, The old hag – a terrifying, rotting, old female witch or hag that throughout history, has menaced humanity with paralysis, fear and strangulation.Succubi/Incubi – demons that force themselves upon sleeping humans and engage in sex with unwilling human participants?Terrifying shadow people that appear at the bedside or in the bedroom of an awakening person.For some, the old hag transitions into a sexual experience with an entity, for others the shadow that watches them at night from a wardrobe or the corner of their bedroom is what keeps them awake and unable to sleep.A product of sleep paralysis? Or something much more sinister?You may never sleep comfortably again after reading this book…


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Binding Type: Paperback
Author: G. Michael Vasey
Published: 05/21/2020
Publisher: Independently Published
ISBN: 9798647661128
Pages: 104
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