Arab Humanist: The Necessity of Basic Income

Nohad A. Nassif, Paperback


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ARAB humanist is a story of an Arab woman, LouLou, who rebelled against her family while living in America. LouLou wanted to claim her own independence and womanhood but was crippled by her naivety, poverty, lack of a good social safety net, and other misfortunes. The intention of this story is not to demonize the Arab or the American culture. From the viewpoint of the author, Nohad Nassif, the poor, especially women, in all cultures are treated badly – just in different ways.

ARAB humanist is an autobiography that contains story art. It is based on Nohad’s life beginning when she was a small child in Lebanon, until her early thirties in America. Names have been changed and people have been altered. Certain scenes are imaginative recreations of actual and fictional persons. Both story and art contain graphic sexuality and violence. It is for mature audiences and not appropriate for children.

In ARAB humanist, a fresh light is shed on one of the most important humanist topics of our time: “Universal, Unconditional Basic Income.” The author hopes to inspire impactful discussions on the need for financial freedom for all people, so we can have more peaceful and equal societies. By providing the poor the right to financial freedom that covers the minimum basics of life, the poor’s life becomes brighter and more promising to themselves and to their countries.


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Binding Type: Paperback
Author: Nohad A. Nassif
Published: 03/15/2019
Publisher: Noon & Ta’, LLC
ISBN: 9780692071366
Pages: 136
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